Gita and Vipassana connection

Shri Bhagvad Gita is the conversation between Shri Krishna and Arjuna before the beginning of the Mahabharata battle. In chapter 2, verse 54, Arjuna asks Shri Krishna how he will define a person with a focused mind and true knowledge: Verse 2-54 Sanskrit1: English1: Hindi2: Shri Krishan replies: Verse 2-55 Sanskrit1: English1: Hindi2: Verse 2-56Continue reading “Gita and Vipassana connection”

Vipassana and its tools

What is Vipassana? This is a technique by which the mind unlearns its behaviour of reacting toward pleasurable and painful sensations and develops equanimity toward them. How Vipassana works? Vipassana works by using four main tools: Sheel (Do’s and Don’ts) Samadhi (Focused and concentrated mind) Bhawanamayi Pragya (Ability to feel bodily sensations) Samta (Equanimous mindset)Continue reading “Vipassana and its tools”